VALWOOD is specialized in the production and trade of tropical hardwood, round logs, lumber and other wood products.

VALWOOD was created in 2018 and our head office is located in Douala, the Commercial Capital and most populous city of Cameroon. Our management team has over 20 years of experience delivering results and 10 plus years producing and trading round logstimber.

Our combined acquired know-how in the wooden products supply chain have afforded us a mastery in meeting customers’ needs and making sure that their specific order is met in a timely fashion without compromising on quality. We always strive to deliver results and go out of our way to satisfy our customers.

We plan to extend our operations to include the production of ready to use wood components and household furniture. Our wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests and either transported to loading sites to be exported as round logs or to our wood processing site.

We export our wooden products and round logs to different markets in Europe, Asia, and North America, and to a lesser extent the Middle East. Given that we are currently expanding our production capacity and venturing into furniture, we are keen on developing the African market.

Huge sums of money is invested each year by business owners in Africa to import synthetic furniture which costs a fortune when we have readily available raw material to produce durable, ecofriendly,  beautifully crafted and manufactured furniture at the same if not half the price of the imported furniture.

All our wood is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forest concessions in Cameroon as per regulations in place and scientific standards. We are committed to engaging the certification process to become a chain of custody certified company. We plan to start production of a diversified range of wood products such as plywood, veneer and other wooden components.

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