Sustainable forest management safeguards biodiversity and helps combat climate change. Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests in different regions in Cameroon and neighbouring Central African Republic.

Meeting the needs of our customers is the impetus and is at the heart of all our activities. As a prerequisite for VALWOOD social and environmental sustainable activities, this economic sustainability leads to the conservation of our tropical forests for future generations. VALWOOD is deeply committed to all aspects of sustainability and provides economic benefit to the communities where we work through sustainable management of our forest resources and efficient production at our milling facilities.

Our Management team fulfills all targets and actions defined by the Board by meeting these standards for sustainability. 

Our suppliers respect the regulations regarding timber management practices and responsible forest harvesting. We only do business with them if these responsible practices are met. A vital equilibrium between the natural regeneration of our planet’s forest resources and responsible economic harvesting practices are therefore maintained.

In order to ensure that our staff and contractors are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in sustainable forest management and are aware of the significant environmental impact of their activities we are carry out rigorous training on these areas.

As a result of changing patterns of temperature, wind, and rainfall our tropical forests suffer but when managed sustainably these forests thrive and render the ecosystems more resilient to negative impacts. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and together with wood-based products act as carbon storage.

Sustainable forest management ensures that new generations of trees replace those that are logged.

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